Customer Advocate (m/f) - 10h

  • Remote job

Customer Advocate (m/f) - 10h

Job description

At Mimo, we're looking for a part-time Customer Advocate to join our team.

With more than 8 million users, Mimo is one of Austria's most successful apps and one of the world's most popular education apps. We want to be there for our users when they run into trouble. But we've got more and more users to take care of, which is why we need your help.

You’ll be in charge of

  • Answering emails, app reviews, and social media posts in a way that makes our users smile
  • Documenting and communicating feedback to the content and development teams


We think that it'll be important for you to

  • Be a fantastic communicator in English
  • Know how to code, at least at a beginner level
  • Love helping people
  • Remain calm even in the face of negativity
  • Have 2 hours available every weekday

You’ll get bonus points for

  • Speaking English at a native level
  • Having experience in customer support

For this job, it's essential that you can dedicate about 2 hours per weekday for support. If you want, you can join us at the office or work remotely after an onboarding month. Or split it up. But you need to be located in Vienna and eligible to work in Austria.

If you're interested, we've prepared a little exercise for you (~30 min.) to give you an idea of what it's like to be a Customer Advocate at Mimo. The exercise is also a great way for us to see if you can identify issues and communicate appropriately with our users. A win-win, no? Here's a link to the exercise:

Resist skipping step 1 or it'll be close to impossible to draft great answers. When you're ready, send us an email with your Mimo user account (usually your email address), your answers, and a quick note on why you're the perfect candidate for this role.

We can't wait to hear from you!