Course Creator: Web Development - remote

Course Creator: Web Development - remote

Job description

Content is king or queen.

Our content is the reason why our users learn with us. We want to build a sizable library of courses on programming and technology, and that’s why we need you.

As a Course Creator, you will

  • Help create web development courses for millions of coders around the world.
  • Come up with fun programming questions, examples, and projects to improve our learning experience on mobile.
  • Create educational content 10-20 hours a week.


You can expect a salary of 25€ an hour.


We think it's important for you to be

  • Passionate for teaching millions of people to code.
  • Able to write clear and concise instructions in English.
  • Able to write educational content for people just starting to learn to code.
  • Able to create a mix of fun and useful programming projects in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, SQL, or Python.

You'll get bonus points for

  • Having experience writing test cases for software.
  • Having experience writing educational material.
  • Having experience teaching programming.