Coding Teacher (m/f)

Coding Teacher (m/f)

Job description

Content is king, or queen.

Great content is the reason why our users learn with us. We want to build a sizable library of courses on programming and technology, and that’s why we need you. As Teacher, you’ll create interactive courses on programming and technology topics that you'd like to teach.


First, have a look at our guide to familiarize yourself with the application process, and then send us your application! 


We think that it'll be important for you to

  • Be able to explain things very well

  • Have a talent for writing in English

  • Have programming and software development experience or a good understanding about the tech topics you want to teach about.



You can expect compensation of 200€ per created concept (that includes Learn, Apply, and Revise chapters as described in our wiki.)

Make sure to have a good read through our wiki to understand what the Teacher (m/f) position entails and how to apply.